SIG Fall 2021 Application
Fellow - Open to Freshman / First years, Involved in company pitches, research projects, and come out of this position with a solid foundation in business and sustainability. This position requires a 5 – 6-hour weekly commitment. Open to all majors

Analyst - Open to sophomores, a position where you dive into the quantitative elements of finance. You will be able to lead analysis in pitch groups and portfolios. This position will give you subject matter expertise in sustainability and finance. This position requires a 1-2-hour weekly commitment, on pitch weeks expect 5 – 6 hours. Open to all majors.

Operations Team - Open to anyone. These positions drive all operations of the Sustainability Investment Group. This involves event planning, website management, publicity, and speaker management. Additionally, there are spots for research analysts as well. If given an interview, we will discuss which positions make the most sense if Ops is your preference.

Feel free to show interest in multiple positions.

Application Timeline
Application Due - Tuesday, September 7th at 10 pm
Interview Invitations sent out - Thursday, September 9th
Group Interviews - Thursday, September 9th - Friday, September 10th
Individual Interviews - Saturday, September 11th - Sunday, September 12th
Final Decisions sent out - Monday, September 13th

Please visit our website if you have any questions:

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