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Only 10 Questions to serve you better. & "Get Involved = Get recognized as an expert"
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5- Get involved...Get Recognized!
Becoming study group leader and speaker helps your career and visibility. You need mid-advanced level knowledge of your subject. Study group leaders automatically join the leadership group. If we don't reach out to you soon please please post a note on meetup!
5.1- What languages, platforms or technologies you want to TEACH (lead a study group), or what subject can you SPEAK about?
Get recognized as an expert! Alternatively, teaching is best way to learn. study group leaders join the leadership group.
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5.2- Where do you prefer meetups take PLACE? *
6- List languages, platforms or technologies you KNOW... and how well *
e.g. Python (7) ...where 7 is your skill level -10 being the highest
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7- What languages, platforms or technologies do you want to LEARN?
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8- Reason for joining WWC Silicon Valley?
10- Help us find sponsors (your company or another company, for study groups, hackathons, TechTalks,...)
Volunteers, leaders and evangelists all do this too. Host company provides space for 1-2weeknight/mo study group space+dinner for ~20, Tech talks, weekend hackathon for ~50-100, etc. Give us the company name & contact info below AND ask the potential sponsor to fill out the sponsor form on our network page at www.womenwhocode.com/sv
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11- suggestions, ideas or comments?
You can always contact us via the meetup page too!
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