2021 IncrediFlix Instructor Application Form
We're looking forward to a great summer teaching kids to make movies, so thanks for applying to work as an instructor with us at IncrediFlix!  
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Don't just list a huge city (eg Boston), but please tell us what area in the city.
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Do you own a vehicle to transport equipment and yourself to camps? *
Do you have auto insurance coverage for this vehicle? *
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? *
Do you have health insurance or are you covered on somebody's health insurance plan? *
IncrediFlix is not able to provide health insurance for summer instructors so you should give careful consideration as to whether this is the right position for you or not.
Are you vaccinated for Covid-19, or willing to get vaccinated?
This is not a requirement of IncrediFlix, however some locations we partner with that host our camps have asked that our instructors be vaccinated.  So this question may or may not be relevant, depending on where you are applying.
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Are you comfortable wearing a mask for long periods of time? *
This is a requirement at several locations that host our camps, so ultimately it has to be an IncrediFlix requirement to protect both you and children in our classes.
We run camps throughout a region. How many miles are you willing to drive (one way) to a camp? *
We do pay extra beyond a certain mileage.
What would be the last day you are able to work? *
This is for students returning to school. If you have no other commitments, please put "no end date."
Please tell us about your experience working with kids. *
Please tell us about your experience with filmmaking (include education and work). *
Are you able to edit footage?
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What else do you have going on this summer? (other work, school, projects)
Anything else you want to let us know?
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This reference can be a family member, a friend, or somebody you have worked with or for.
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IncrediFlix has a zero tolerance standard for abuse and inappropriate behavior by staff members.  We perform background checks on all employees and contractors, and they must all sign our misconduct policy before work can begin.  Please check the box below to state your understanding of this. *
Can you tell us where you found out about this position?
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