LONG WEEKEND - Sunday, August 2 Signup
As many will be away enjoying the long weekend coming up, we're asking that you please let us know as soon as possible if you will (or will not) be attending.

We are considering having just one service that weekend, at 11:00 am, if the numbers allow.

Many of you so faithfully attend all services - and as such, it might feel redundant to keep replying to these signups. However, it is incredibly helpful to us that you do - whether you will be attending or not. Thank you for continuing to take a moment to reply each week - we appreciate it very much!

God bless you - and have a wonderful day!
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Do you have a cohort family that you'd be willing to sit with? If you do, please let us know who they are (you will need to confirm with that family that they are willing to sit in a group with you).
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