Feedback form for upcoming Edinbop Committee members
As part of Edinbop's Annual General Meeting (AGM) process, we seek feedback about potential upcoming Committee members. These include new nominees, anyone co-opted onto the Committee between AGMs and any current members who are up for re-election (members must stand for re-election every 2 years).

You may write us at or use this form to communicate comments, concerns or objections you have about any of the potential upcoming Committee members. We are especially interested in factors that relate to your perception of them as a member of the Edinbop community and to how they work as a dance or other event organiser and/or with a team or on a committee.

If you would feel more comfortable or believe it would be more appropriate to send your message to Edinbop's Safer Spaces Team, you can contact them at or, with the possibility of anonymity, through this form instead.

Responses to this form are reviewed by only the out-going members of the Edinbop Committee and may be submitted anonymously (though do note that then we cannot reply to you).

The deadline to submit feedback via any of the above methods is Friday, 23 Februaryso that we have enough time to process it before the AGM.
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This year:
- We have one nominee, Melody McIndoe;
- There was one person co-opted onto the Committee since the last AGM, Sarah Hall; and
- There are zero current members up for re-election.

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Please note that you are welcome to submit this form anonymously, but then we cannot reply to you.
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