2023 U16 Niagara Spears Registration
For athletes born in 2007 & 2008
Coach Brad Martin

Payment or Payment plan MUST be completed before the athlete begins conditioning/tryouts.
Payment to be sent via e-transfer to payments@niagaraspears.ca please include " (athletes full name)" in the notes/message of e-transfer OR online on our website.
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*PLEAE DO NOT COMPLETE UNTIL AFTER JAN 1 2023* Has the athlete registered with the Niagara Varsity Football Club on the OFA National Registry? This is the athlete's insurance and must be completed prior to participating in any events. *
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Athlete's Medical diagnosis- please include any information that will help coaches and staff  ensure the safety of the athlete as well as any information that will help coaches adapt and assist for the success of the athlete *
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I understand that in order for me/my child to participate I/my child will need to abide by the current regulations provided to the Niagara Spears in regards to the current Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines *
Registration: The $300 fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and MUST be paid in full BEFORE any athlete is permitted to participate on the field. Therefore, this fee will NOT be refunded under any circumstances.  Notice of an athlete’s intention to withdraw from the Niagara Varsity Football Club program must be submitted in writing to their respective Team Manager, team Head Coach and Niagara Spears Registrar. EQUIPMENT MUST THAN BE RETURNED WITHIN 7 DAYS. Season Fee refund requests will be handled on an individual basis and reviewed by the Niagara Varsity Football Club Executive and NOT guaranteed. All equipment and uniforms issued by the Niagara Spears remain the property of the Niagara Varsity Football Club. A post-dated (September 1 2023) equipment deposit cheque or credit card arrangement in the amount of $400 and ALL outstanding fees MUST be submitted PRIOR to the distribution of any Niagara Spears equipment. All issued equipment will be documented at pick- up and must be returned to the Niagara Spears immediately following the team's final game. The equipment deposit will be returned or destroyed once ALL equipment and uniforms have been returned. In the event that ANY outstanding equipment or uniforms are not returned, the deposit cheque will be cashed on September 1st 2023 to facilitate the replacement of said equipment. The balance (if any) will be refunded to the player. Further, players/parents/guardians are responsible for the replacement of any equipment that is lost or damaged due to neglect. Any players with an outstanding balance owing on lost or damaged equipment or uniforms will not be permitted to register until the outstanding balance has been paid in full. Any player opting to use their own personal equipment is required to sign an equipment waiver form ensuring the proper use of the personal equipment and that the personal equipment is being properly taken care of. Any athlete who has an outstanding balance of registration fees from years previous is not a member in good standing, therefore will not be permitted to register and take part in tryouts, practices or games until the outstanding balance is sorted out. I understand that by registering my athlete/my self I understand the risks of participating in any event with the Niagara Spears, I agree to assume all risks and injuries that may occur as a result of myself/my child's involvement in all activities with Niagara Spears. I agree that I will not hold Niagara Spears or any coaches or staff accountable in the event of injury or illness to myself/my child while participating under the supervision during all camps, practices or games with the Niagara Varsity Football Club.   Medical Form Release: I hereby acknowledge that I understand the sport of football exposes potential risk to my child/myself. I am not aware of any injury or illness or other health related issues that would restrict myself/my child ability to participate in any camps, practices, games or events with Niagara Spears. I voluntarily assume all risks associated with participating in the Niagara Varsity Football Program to my child/myself. I further state in the event of any injury my child/myself sustains, this consent shall be a bar to any and all claims against the Niagara Varsity Football Club, it's directors, officers, coaches and volunteers. I further state that I consent to receiving medical attention from any qualified person if and when such medical attention is deemed necessary by a member of the Niagara Varsity Football Club, its coaches or staff. I  give the Niagara Spears Team Managers and  Trainers permission to view and carry my/my child’s information as it pertains to the health and safety of me/my child, as well as allowing and offering the fastest medical treatment to myself/child in the event of an accident or injury.  Release of Information (U16 & U18) : I give the Niagara Varsity Football Club permission to pass along my child/my information on this page AS WELL AS personal phone number and personal email address to USport (Canadian University's) and/or CJFL (Canadian Junior Football League) recruits and/or coaches for possible recruiting into USport or CJFL. Media: I consent to the use of my/my child’s name, picture, and video as part of Niagara Varsity Football Club to be used in newspapers, magazines, television, and online that will reflect both myself/ my child and the Niagara Varsity Football Club in a positive matter. I agree that I shall fully and forever have no claim against the Niagara Varsity Football Club and its members due to this publication. I also agree that I/my child will not publicly display any derogatory, racist, defamatory comments, on  any  social  media (including, but not limited to:  All  Canadian  Grid  Iron,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok ect.) against any and all Niagara Spears, Ontario Provincial Football Club and Lakeshore Football Officials Association members, teams, coaches, players, executives and staff. I acknowledge and represent that I am over the age of 18, that I understand these terms, and that I have signed knowingly and voluntarily on behalf of myself /child.
Were you told to come play by a Niagara Spears Athlete?? Are you joining a friend? If so please let us know your friends name.
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