GPTA 20 తెలుగు చర్చ(Debate) - పోటీ ప్రవేశ పత్రం
* This is a team competition. Each team consists of 2 participants. Each person need to register as a separate participant. If you already have a partner, please enter your partner name in the registration form. If you don't have a partner, leave the partner section empty, and we will help you to find one for you.
* Each participant gets 3 minutes of time to present their case alternating between teams, and 1 min to rebuttal or sum-up at the end.
* Participants are expected to be prepared on both sides of the topic. A toss winning team at the time of the debate will get a chance to choose their side of the argument. Other team can choose to go first or second.
* GPTA will have the final decision.

3 Categories : Kids 12& Below, Kids 13-18, Adults

Topics for Kids 12&Below:
Prelims Round: కలము గొప్పదా? హలము గొప్పదా?
Finals Round: బడి గొప్పదా? గుడి గొప్పదా?

Topics for Kids between 13-18:
Prelims Round: ఇంటిలో ఎప్పుడూ తప్పనిసరిగా తెలుగులోనే మాట్లాడటం . మంచిదా?కాదా?
Finals Round: స్మార్ట్ ఫోన్లు పిల్లలకు మేలు చేస్తాయా? కీడు చేస్తాయా?

3-opics are given at the time of the debate. Each team has a chance to reject 1, and whatever is left will be the topic.

Registration fee: $5 (payable at the event)

More Questions? Please contact JV Jujjuri <> or

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