Facilitate at Code for Cape Town | 2018
Code4CT classes typically have 18 - 24 Grade 9 - 11 female learners. Classes are lead by a Lead Facilitator who is supported by a team of other facilitators. We use a blended classroom format whereby content is delivered largely through our online learning portal (Learner Management System) so that the teaching team focuses on facilitating discussions and activities.

Learners work through online exercises and facilitators are on demand to answer questions. A facilitator’s role is to motivate, encourage and guide. A facilitator’s role is not to give every answer to learners, but rather to stimulate critical thinking and effective problem solving by guiding learners toward asking better questions that will lead them to solutions. Facilitators are role models to our young learners and are expected to share their experience as students in STEM study fields.

Responsibilities of a facilitator:
+ Assist the Lead Facilitator in teaching coding classes
+ Assist in assessing and recording learning outcomes
+ Ensure the smooth running of classes: catering logistics, allocate transport stipends, communicate with learners who are late/absent, be responsible for having emergency contact details of all learners in the case of an emergency, handle petty cash)

Requirements of a facilitator:
+ Be enrolled in a STEM field that includes at least one programming course
+ Have working knowledge of using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create websites and mobile applications
+ Prior tutoring experience/ experience working in a team preferred
+ Provide police clearance
+ Attend the prescribed Code4CT training prior to your first tutoring session
+ Tutors can be male or female (male tutors must be over 21 years old)

Why facilitate?
+ Gain leadership experience
+ Increase your knowledge of web development through our free tutor training course
+ Be exposed to the local tech industry through the various speakers who attend Code4CT classes
+ Be linked to industry related opportunities via the Code4CT network

Want to see more of Code4CT? Watch our Code Camp Video: https://youtu.be/KA3k0CzKfUE

Code4CT has four sites in 2018:

1) American Corner, Cape Town Central Library
2) Bandwidth Barn, Khayelitsha
3) Amazon Web Services, Gardens
4) Makupula High School, Kayamandi, Stellenbosch

Whilst we would like you to indicate your availability, as far as you know for now, there will be an official sign-up process for each teaching opportunity. As well as that, there will be facilitator training for each module.

Code4CT holds the right to decide which facilitators can teach each module, even if they have signed up for said module.

This form does not guarantee you a teaching position at Code4CT, it is merely a sign up/ show of interest form.

Any questions can be sent to info@code4ct.com

If you are looking for a full-time facilitation position, opportunities exist with CodeSpace- the organisation that creates all of Code4CT's curriculum. You can indicate your availability for full-time teaching opportunities via this form too.


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