Montebello Pet Fair Volunteer Application
Thank you for signing up to be a part of the Montebello Pet Fair. Our wish is to give the pets of the Montebello area long and healthy lives. And you are a big part in making that a reality.

Volunteers must:
1. Fill out this form.
2. Read the volunteer manual.
3. Take the training verification quiz. (it's open book)
We will not be taking volunteers who have not completed the above steps.

2019 Montebello Pet Fair
Saturday November 2, 2019
Volunteer hours available: 7AM to 4:30PM
Fair open to the public from 10AM to 3PM

Be sure to check the times you are available so we can make sure we have enough volunteers for specific tasks.
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If you'd rather use social media to communicate, please follow us. Don't worry, we won't follow back unless you ask us to. We have Instagram - montebellopetfair ; Facebook - follow the page Montebello Pet Fair and you can send private messages to us there and be sure to join the Montebello Pet Fair Volunteers group; Twitter - MTBPetFair. (We are looking for social media managers, so be sure to share with us any pages or accounts you manage)
In case of emergency, who should we contact? Please include their name and phone number. *
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Age *
Youth volunteers under 14 years old will need their parents permission to volunteer. For youth under 14 we ask that a parent participate with the youth.
Volunteer Hours
Please note that we do not currently have a nonprofit that is hosting this event yet so volunteer hours may not be accepted by all programs volunteers may be a part of.
Are you volunteering to fulfill volunteer hours for a program you are in?
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Planning Committee Leadership
These volunteer leadership positions are essential to making the fair a success. People who sign up for these roles will be in charge of making sure what they are in charge of is accomplished. Only choose areas where you can give your full attention and where your expertise can be best used.

If an area interests you and you have questions, let us know in the last question.

Skip this question if you are only interested in volunteering on the day of the fair.
Which volunteer team do you want to volunteer on?
Do you want to take leader control over one of the areas above? If yes, which area?
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Day of the fair volunteer details
What are the hours you are available on the day of the fair? (Saturday November 2, 2019) *
What areas of expertise do you have that could be of benefit to this event?
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Volunteer Positions
Please check the positions you would like/will volunteer for.
Volunteer Abilities
Please check the abilities you can do. For social media/marketing experience and master of ceremonies, be prepared to show evidence of your experience.
Here is the place to ask questions and make any comments. Let us know how we can help you have a good experience volunteering with us.
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