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West River Health Services, the City of Hettinger, and the Hettinger Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to secure grant funding through Blue Cross Blue Shield to create the Group Fitness Instructor Certification project. The goal of our Group Fitness Instructor Certification project is to diversify fitness options in Hettinger and the surrounding communities, encouraging participants to build more movement into their daily lives and, in turn, increase physical activity and overall health.

Any individual interested in becoming a certified group fitness instructor and teaching classes is invited to apply. No prior group fitness instructing experience is necessary, but commitment to certification procedures, grant requirements, and class schedules is vital.

Applicants whose group fitness certifications are completed with support of this grant will be required to pay for their certification up front and apply for reimbursement following submission of proof of certification.

Steps in the application process are as follows:

Initial Applications Due by February 16th:
1. Complete and submit this form.
2. Upon receipt of this form, applicants will be contacted to submit a resume and list of professional references to

Interviews (February 17th-March 1st):
3. Applicants will be contacted to set up a brief interview with a selection committee consisting of individuals from each collaborating entity.

Notification (March 1st-March 5th):
4. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application.

Registration (March 5th-March 10th):
5. Successful applicants will asked to register for their classes (with the support of Jasmin Fosheim, prior to March 10th. Proof of registration must be submitted to Jasmin by this date.

Certification Must be Completed by January 1, 2021:
6. Group fitness instructors must complete all certification requirements, including coursework independently. Proof of certification must be submitted to prior to January 1, 2021. Although proof of certification isn't due until January 1, 2021, instructors are encouraged to complete their coursework and submit certifications as soon as possible.
7. All group fitness instructors must complete monthly progress reports using the form provided prior to the 28th of every month to

Classes Begin (Within 3 Months Following Certification, Unless Required for Certification):
8. Group fitness instructors will be required to begin teaching classes no later than three months following the date of certification. All instructors MUST begin teaching classes by January 1, 2021, the final date for certification.

Group fitness instructors are required to secure space, ensure completion of rental agreements, and insure themselves/their classes prior to teaching. Instructors are entirely responsible for rental and insurance costs. These costs will not be covered or reimbursed with grant funds.

All instructors will be required to teach a minimum of two classes per month for a total of twenty-four classes in the first year. No exceptions to these requirements will be granted. Attendance at each class must be taken and submitted to with the monthly report, due the 28th of every month. Instructors who fail to comply with these requirements will be asked to re-pay their reimbursement costs.

If you have questions regarding the Group Fitness Instructor Certification project, please contact Jasmin at or 701-567-2531.
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Preferred Certification
Grant funds are available to reimburse six individuals for the cost of becoming certified group fitness instructors.

Three participants will become certified Yoga FIT instructors. Those interested in becoming Yoga FIT instructors MUST be available to attend Yoga FIT training in Minot March 28th & 29th from 7am-7pm each day. Attendance at the entire training is mandatory. You can learn more about this training here: Cost for travel, including mileage and lodging will be reimbursed following certification.

Three additional participants will complete online coursework through ACE Certification Study Programs. These individuals will get to choose from multiple disciplines (excluding yoga). In these classes, group fitness students will learn scientifically-proven fundamentals of group fitness through interactive digital study experience featuring multimodal learning through online learning activities, video lessons, reading assignments, and quizzes. The ACE Certification Study Program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the gold standard for program accreditation in fitness and health. You can learn more about this training here:

Note: If your chosen field of certification requires equipment not currently available in the community, you will be responsible for fundraising or securing separate grant funds/sponsorships to purchase the additional equipment.

Because the goal of the Group Fitness Instructor Certification Project is to provide a variety of group fitness options, the selection committee may ask that you become certified in your second or third preferred group fitness field. In order to be reimbursed for your certification, completion of the agreed upon certification in the agreed upon discipline is required.
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#3 Preferred Certification: Must differ from #1 & #2. *
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What commitments do you have that may prevent you from completing your group fitness course requirements & certification in a timely manner? *
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What commitments do you have throughout the day/week that may interfere with your ability to commit to teaching a minimum of 2 classes per month throughout the year? *
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Instructors are entirely responsible for rental and insurance costs. These costs will not be covered or reimbursed with grant funds. In addition, grant funds cannot cover the cost of additional equipment needed for group fitness class. Understanding that these needs must be financed by you, how do you plan to pay for these costs? *
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Please list three S (specific) M (measurable) A (achievable) R (relevant) T(time-specific/time-limited) goals you will set for yourself as a group fitness instructor. This can relate to certification performance or timeline, attendance, personal health & growth, or anything else important to you. *
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Thank You
You will be contacted shortly by Jasmin ( Please prepare a resume and list of references to submit.

Interviews will take place from February 16th-March 1st.
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