Family Preference Form (Fall 2018)
This is the link to all the things you would need to know about the Cal Rotaract Family System:

Good luck getting into the families you want! These applications are due by the Friday before GM#2, September 14th, @11:59 PM. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the Fellowship Co-Chairs, Jonas Katona and Julia Acuna-Fleming, at
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If you have been a member of Cal Rotaract in previous semesters, you are considered a returning member.
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If you aren't a paid member yet, you can come by and pay at the Rotaract table on Sproul anytime from 10-2 on Monday-Thursday, Venmo our Cal Rotaract account @BerkeleyRotaract, or contact an officer to arrange some alternate method :)
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We remind you that families are long-lasting (i.e. permanent). Thus, choose wisely. After all, unless your Family Head decides to transfer to a different family, you will be with them until you leave the Family System or graduate. As a reminder, these were named after some of the most active Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Berkeley, all of whom have helped Cal Rotaract a lot over the years, so show only love and respect.
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Mac-Oscars (Eric B., Tracy) (link to Family Head video:
O'Neils (Liliana, Jessica) (
Freds (Kylee, Andrew) (
Peter-Roberts (Eric S., Felicia) (
Shawns (Vani, Jacob, Nikhil) (
Promise me that you won't spend too much time on the next few questions. Understood? *
Most of these can be answered in just a few words. Do not stress out over it. We are just doing this to best match you with a family, especially if some of them are impacted.
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A sentence or two is all you need, but you may write more if necessary.
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