Emerging Company of the Year 2016
The story of the Indian pharma companies over the last few years has been phenomenal & has established a sound footing in the global map.Pharma Leaders 2016 is going to recognize an innovative young company which came into existence few years back & has performed remarkable progress & is a force to reckon with. "Emerging Company of the Year 2016" has the six strong companies that has made it to the top six finalists & are now open for public voting. The growth story of the Indian pharma industry into a mammoth industry is an impressive one marked with numerous important turning points. These turning points have typically stemmed from the issues faced by the industry and have changed the nature and mechanisms of the industry, and to a large extent have sculpted the trends in the industry. In this article we aim to explore a few issues that have affected the Indian pharma industry and how the scenario is changing.The Indian pharmaceutical industry is expected to be among the top 3 pharma markets by 2020 on back of incremental growth, says an Indian Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) report. The industry, currently valued at near USD 26 billion, is expected to reach USD 55 billion in the next four years. From 2005-16, the industry has seen a growth of 17.90 percent CAGR. The market size has expanded to USD 36.7 billion in 2016 from USD 6 billion in 2005.

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