Zimmer Children's Museum 2016 - 2017 Field Trip Request
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Field Trips are only offered Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
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The ZCM can only accomodate 60 students or less for Option 1 and 45 students or less for Option 2.
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The ZCM requires a ratio of 1 adult (over 21) for every 5 students. Any additional adults are charged general admission of $7 each.
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Lunches can be eaten on-site after your museum visit in one of our designated program rooms. There is no food allowed in the museum.
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Enrichment Experiences is optional for an additional cost, and is in addition to your museum play time. Available Oct - May. A detailed description of each lesson can be found on our website.
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My Field Trip is NOT booked until a receive an e-mail confirmation, make a $25 deposit, review the Field Trip Information Guide, and sign and return the Field Trip Contract.
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