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Filling in this form entitles you to use the Oxford Launchpad and attend our members-only events and work from our co-working space. We won’t sell your data to anyone - but we might use it for research and to tailor our programmes better. Filling in this form will also assist us in finding information, events or people relevant to you.
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This helps us with university demographics. We're open to the entire University so it is useful for us to know where you're coming from. If you're not from the University please select "NA". I'f you've graduated, please select the college you were/are a member of.
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Let us know your Bod Card number if you have it to hand so we can check you in. Otherwise enter "NA"
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What is the highest qualification you have been awarded or are working to receive? e.g. PhD Microbiology; BEng.
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If you're a graduate or current student at the University of Oxford, please select your year of Graduation. If you're not a gaduate or a student at the University of Oxford, please select "NA"
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Chose a subject you're an expert in or your business works within - we might use this information to help build teams that are looking for your skills. This is not an exact list, but pick the area closest to your speciality or area of study. Addtionally you can add further notes at the end of the form.
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Please enter the name of your venture. If you're not running a business please enter "NA".
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Is your venture incorporated? If so please provide the legal name and company number. If you do not have a registered company please enter "NA"
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Would you like to be contacted about entrepreneurship reseach? We collect this data for research into entrepreneurship and room usage measurements. We also conduct focus groups and surveys on our membership. Please select if you wish to be part of our research pool. We may only reach out once a quarter and its zero obligation.
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How did you discover the Launchpad? Anything else you would like to tell us?
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Would you like to apply for an access card in order to access the cafe and dining room area? PLEASE NOTE: Access cards are not avaliable at the moment - please take this as a note of interest so we can push for more cards.
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