Sexual Awakening For Women Programme
Hello and thank you for your interest in my Sexual Awakening For Women Programme.

I'd love to learn more about you and your desires, and the questions on this form are designed to help me do that. So I can serve you to the best of my ability, please include below any significant physical or mental health issues, including if you are under the care of a medical practitioners, psychiatrists or similar.

After I receive your form, we can go in one of three directions:-

1) If you feel ready to dive in and start the programme, we'll arrange a 45-60 video call to meet each other, explore your answers a bit more and confirm the programme is right for you.

2) If you aren't ready yet, we can arrange to meet in video or in person, to get a feel for each other and for you to see how I work. We can do this either with...

a) a free 50 minute video coaching call on any topic listed here:;


b) a (paid) in-person session with me to sample the type of emotion and energy clearing sessions we'll cover in the first 3 months of the programme.

I'll ask you in the final question how you want to proceed.

Thanks in advance for answering these questions - I'm super excited to receive your answers and start working with you!

Much love,
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Hopes & Dreams
What bothers you most about your current sexual experiences? *
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Have you worked with a coach or therapist on similar issues? If so, what was the outcome? *
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Your Readiness For This Programme
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Are you willing to make time for yourself to practice what we learn in the session and rest and integrate your experiences after sessions? *
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Are you willing to face the difficult parts of what might be holding you back and feel and express your emotions relating to those things? (I will support you) *
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Do you have a sexual partner at present? How honestly can you talk to them about your sexual challenges? *
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Please share if you have experienced any trauma, abuse, recent addictions, major losses or other emotional stress that may contribute to your ability to relax and feel aroused. *
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Any medical conditions or medication? Please include mental health, psychotic episodes, anything relating to lungs (including asthma), heart, major organs or that restricts your mobility. *
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Any serious allergies? Please note: I use a coconut oil and almond oil mix for massage. *
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Please list major personal development work you have done in your life? (counselling, body-based therapies, sexual retreats, tantra classes, breath work, other…) *
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Next Steps
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