CSM Ireland - Pastoral Reference
To be filled out by a pastoral reference of the applicant.
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To the person writing the reference:
The above-mentioned applicant has applied for acceptance to Calvary School of Ministry in Waterford, Ireland and has named you as a pastoral reference. Your reference contributes to the decision made by our staff regarding this applicant. Therefore, please be thorough and timely in your response.
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Describe the evidences you see in the applicant's life that demonstrate his or her commitment to follow Jesus Christ. *
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Please select the appropriate number on the following questions. Leave blank if you feel your knowledge of the applicant is insufficient in that particular area.
Responsibility - Ability to faithfully assume and carry out duties and obligations
Not responsible
Completely responsible
Adaptability - Ability to adjust to changes in circumstances
Adapts poorly
Adapts well
Communication - Able to express thoughts, feelings, and ideas with others
Communicates poorly
Communicates well
Spiritual Maturity - Demonstrates maturity and consistent growth
Very immature
Mature and consistently maturing
Involvement in local church body
Not involved
Heavily involved
Emotional Stability
Very stable
Demonstrated Leadership
Never leads
Always leads
Leadership Potential
Low potential
High potential
Personal Recommendation *
I do not recommend
I highly recommend
Please state any concerns or recommendations that would help us evaluate this applicant. *
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