Creature College Character Casting Survey
When casting theater larps, I try to cast people into roles that match their preferences. In cases where multiple are a best fit for a role, I do my best to accommodate as many player preferences as possible. I am one human person so sometimes- I miss. If you receive your casting or your character sheet and things look really out of place or off putting, please do let me know so we can make edits. Id rather edit a few plots to help you have fun than lose you at game!

Notes: Your birth age and gender are meaningless. I will cast you based on the age/gender preferences you indicate in this casting survey.
What is your name? *
What gender character would you like to play? *
Are you comfortable have a pre-established romantic connection with another character? *
What grade level would you prefer to be in?
Would you like to be a member of a fictional Fraternity? *
Do you have a preference on which fraternity? *
What subjects/activities would you like to be involved with? (Check as many as you'd like) *
I like the following game mechanics
How much of a costuming challenge do you want? *
I will toss on some vampire fangs if I must
OMG make me a yeti or an ooze and let me go nuts
I really want to play with my real life friends. Here are their names so you know who to cast me with/connect my character to: *
People like to give me notes/information on how best to cast them. Use this big text blob to tell me about you/your preferences.
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