Songwriter Circle - Winter 2020
This session of the Songwriter Circle will meet 5 - 7:30 pm Pacific Time on these Mondays:

November 9th
November 23rd
December 7th
December 21st

We'll meet online on Zoom.

You can find full details on the circle here:

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We will meet 5 - 7:30 pm pacific time on these Mondays: November 9th, November 23rd, December 7th, and December 21st. I ask that you do your best to miss no more than one session. What, if any, dates do you know you will have to miss? *
The cost of this circle is on a sliding scale. In order to cover my costs and pay myself a living wage, I need most participants to choose the $150 level or above. Please read through the levels below and choose the rate that best reflects your situation: *
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