Rubbish Recce
If you haven't got time to do a trail clean or simply just don't want to keep stopping all the time, you can still gather some super useful date for our State of Our Trails Report.

By simply counting the items of single use pollution (fka; Litter!) that you see whilst riding, running or roaming you can help us build a detailed picture of what's out there, providing us with vital intel with which to plan future trail clean activities.

This is by no means a 'perfect science', as variables like; how fast you're going, how many people are counting, how you keep count (we use nightclub clickers!), vegetation density etc make a big difference
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LOCATION - Trail network name (e.g. Bike Park Wales) and/or area postcode did you ride?
DISTANCE - Travelled whilst actively counting SUP in km?
SPEED - Average speed you travelled whilst counting?
TOTAL number of items seen (an estimate is fine)?
BRANDS - Most seen brand (e.g. Coca Cola, Lucozade, Cadburys)
VEGETATION - How dense / thick / long / overgrown was the vegetation / foliage alongside the trail?
Not at all (e.g. winter)
Very (e.g. Summer)
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