2023 Liability Waiver
This form is required to board and/or ride any horse at RR. 
Feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you!
Hayden - (270) - 206 -5678
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WARNING: Under Kentucky Law, a farm animal activity sponsor, farm animal professional or other person does not have the duty to eliminate all risks of injury of participation in farm animal activities. There are inherent risks of injury that you voluntarily accept if you participate in  farm animal activities. (KRS 247.4027) *
Rogers Riding (RR); all owners, partners and employees are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, lost or stolen items. *
Student Name *
Parent Name *
Parent Phone Number (primary contact) *
Emergency Contact (Name and Number) (Can NOT be same as parent name/number listed above) *
Please enter participants name or parents name, if you participant is under the age of 18. By signing below, you are agreeing to all above information. *
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