Sticky Talks to God
Hello, my name is Fay. I am finding out how young people like to talk to God, and I would like your help.
I have a very short quiz game, where you get to choose some pictures. There are no right and wrong answers, I'm just interested in what you like best.
If it's OK with you, I will note what you choose and when I have asked lots of children I will see if I can find any patterns. I will write about what I find and I might make that into a book. I will ask a little about you as well: like your age and if you go to church. This is to help me find patterns, but no-one will know who you are from your answers.
For each question, there is a video that reads out the words for you. You can watch the video or read the words yourself, whichever you like.
You can stop playing the quiz game at any time, and you can skip any question. I won't mind at at all.
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