2020 Kentucky PTA Local Unit elections decision form
Please use this form to let us know your plans for your 2020 local unit elections. If you have questions please email kentuckypta@bellsouth.net or call the Kentucky PTA office at 502-226-6607

Only ONE person from your PTA needs to submit this form AFTER your executive board has discussed this decision and held a vote on if you will be conducting elections.
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Local PTA unit Name (this is your PTA/PTSA Name) *
School associated with PTA *
Town/City where school is located *
KY PTA District *
Name of person filling out this form (only ONE person from your board needs to complete this form) *
Position of person filling out this form (President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, etc. *
Email Address of the Person filling out this form *
Our executive board/committee has met and discussed and voted on this decision. If you select No this form will close so you can come back to it after a vote by your Executive Board has taken place. *
Which matches the decision of your board this year? If you select NO open positions or NOT to have elections this will submit your form. If your board voted NOT to have elections please email minutes from the Executive board/committee meeting to Kentuckypta@bellsouth.net *
If the executive board decided to hold the election, I acknowledge that I will email a copy of our Executive board meeting minutes within 24 hours to kentuckypta@bellsouth.net *
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