Administrative Approval Request for Late Course Changes and/or Late Grade Prerequisite WAIVER Agreement.
The deadline for submitting course request changes and Grade Prerequisite Waiver Agreements has passed. All requests to change a course for the 2019-2020 school year must be submitted for administrative review. Requests are reviewed in the order which they are received, and scheduling is contingent upon available seats in the course.

During the course selection process in February, students had the opportunity to review course prerequisites listed in Powerschool and the course selection guide, and speak with teachers and counselors regarding course requests. Students were strongly encouraged to discuss their selections and ability to succeed in different level courses with teachers in the various departments.

Occasionally, a student or parent may disagree with the course recommended per the grade prerequisite. It should be noted that minimum grade prerequisites are based on historical data and they are intended to guide students when selecting course levels. Grade prerequisites are the minimum requirement a student needs to register for a course; therefore, even students narrowly meeting the grade prerequisite are more likely to find the course challenging. Students should consider additional criteria that include, but are not limited to:

* The student's performance in previous courses.
* The student's attitude toward the work necessary in the desired courses.
* The skill in areas that will be needed for the desired course.
* The expectation of work outside of the school day and other commitments.
* Other "predictors" such as standardized test scores.

If, after a careful discussion and reflection regarding the level of commitment to this course, you wish to request a course for which the GRADE prerequisite was not met please read, sign and submit the Grade Prerequisite Waiver Agreement. This waiver form cannot be used if a student has failed to met the course prerequisite; i.e., you may not skip an entire course.

Late course request changes and Grade Prerequisite Waiver Agreements approved by an administrator are scheduled in the order in which they are received, and contingent upon available seats in the course.


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