Are you an open source community or a non-profit org? We invite you to be part of HasGeek conferences. Apply here.
We invite open source communities and non-profits to be part of HasGeek conferences. Share your work with the community by sharing your projects and research. Collaborate with participants.

We offer the following:

1. Table with two chairs at the conference venue
2. Access to WiFi
3. Two conference passes. Food is not part of the conference ticket. Food can be purchased directly from the food court
4. Mention on the conference website as community partner

Bring your own banners or branding to spruce up the space and let participants know who you are.

You can apply for a community space at HasGeek conferences if your community or organisation is any or all of the following:

- Not funded by a corporation or is a company selling products, except donations with no conditions
- Advocates free and open source software and/or open data
- Concerned with general societal issues, such as education, equality, etc

We specifically don't allow initiatives that are part of CSR and organisations / communities that are for-profit. Please consider a sponsorship in that case.

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