Wolfpack Invitational Participant Eligibility Survey
All adult and student attendees to the Wolfpack Invitational Tournament hosted by Claremont High School must complete this survey to be eligible to attend and participate in the tournament.
Provide your full name as it appears on your Tabroom.com account. *
Indicate your role at this tournament. (If you fill two roles, Head Coach trumps Judge.) *
Give the Full Name of the School or Program you are representing at this Tournament. *
Provide your Tabroom Account EMAIL Address *
Student Competitors Only: List the Full Name of the person acting as your Official Adult Chaperone at this tournament.
Judges Only: Please confirm here that you have completed an adequate amount of judge training, which may include the judge training available here. (Look to the Yellow links on the right-hand side.) https://www.speechanddebate.org/judge-training/
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Coaches AND Judges Only: Provide your full Cell Phone (Area Code) + (Number) This will be used for emergencies only (missing ballots, missing competitors, protests, etc.)
Head Coaches Only: Please provide the complete physical mailing address to which you would like all Awards/Medals/Plaques mailed. (Note: All awards for a program will be mailed to only one address.)
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