NecronomiCon Providence 2019 Official Game Master Form
Complete and submit this form if you are interested in running any Games or Events in the Gaming Area for NecronomiCon Providence 2019.

Do not click on the "Edit" button to answer any questions. If you have any issues completing this form please contact us at for help. DO NOT ALTER ANY CONTENT
As a general rule we request any Table Top RPGs, Board/Card games, and LARPs that are not within the Lovecraftian mythos, to create modules that have a horror or Lovecraftian feel to them (For example: Shadowrun with some kind of Elder God or Horror creating havoc, or D&D in a Ravenloft setting).

Game Masters must individually fill out this form no matter your group or company affiliation. For LARP groups, the person in charge of your group is required to complete this form in total. All other staff members must fill out this form, please write "see (enter name of person in charge)'s form" on any applicable questions (i.e. preferred days, times, etc)

All LARPs must have proof of insurance and be scheduled to run at least 2 modules during the course of the convention.

Game Masters who run 12+ hours of scheduled gaming/content will receive a complimentary convention pass. (Please note: NecronomiCon Gaming reserves the right to charge a GM for a weekend pass if said GM receives a complimentary pass and does NOT provide 12+ hrs of content AT the convention.)

Management cannot guarantee any days and times requested will be completely honored, however you will be contacted to verify and accept your proposed schedule prior to all schedules being finalized. Failure to respond to any emails sent by Management will result in either omission from the schedule or schedule finalization without your verification.

All personal information will only be used for convention purposes and will not be sold.

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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