Journey School Survey Spring 2018
Dear Families,
As we continue our Journey we would appreciate your feedback on you and child's knowledge of Randolph Journey School. Thank you to those of you that participated in the School Climate Survey a month ago. That is a separate county survey that will help to inform decisions regarding safety, instruction and other decisions. This is different, so I appreciate your additional time. ~Dan Gardner, RES Principal
In what grade is/are your student(s) at RES? *
How familiar are you with what "Journey School" means at RES? *
Not very familiar (have not heard of it)
Very familiar (could describe it to anyone)
How familiar are you with the Journey Compass Values? *
Have not heard about them at all
Know all 7 and what they mean
Have you heard about your child's grade level Journey Project? (either through them talking about it or from a letter from the teacher) *
Not at all.
Could describe the topic to someone else.
Please ask your child about Randolph's Compass Values. Give them the hint that the first one is "Focus." Ask if they can tell you what they are and if they can do the hand movements. *
Unable to remember them
Able to name all 7, show you the hand signals, and even describe some of them.
Please ask your child about their Journey Project. Are they able to describe what it is for their grade level?
They don't know what it is.
They were able to describe what has been done and what is next.
What additional comments would you like to share about Randolph Journey School? If you have a question or would prefer a conversation about anything Randolph related please email the principal, Dan Gardner at
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