Robot Rodeo 2017 - 2018
A Vita-Learn IGNITE Project
Host and Train a Robot for Vermont's First Robot Rodeo
To learn more about the types of robots available see this slide show

Which Robot will You Host?
School *
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Educators Name *
Contact person in charge of robot
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Email *
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Role *
What is your role in your organization (i.e. grade 5 teacher, librarian, etc)
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Mailing Address
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Zip Code
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Phone Number
Please include a phone number or extension where we could reach someone related to this project .
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Grade Level
Which group do you plan to use the robots with. Check any that apply.
Device Type
Which type of device will students have access to for coding robot. This will help us determine which robot to send you.
No Assembly required Robots / Smart Objects
Which Robots Interest you? These robots require no assembly, but some require specific device to code. See diagram above. Select robots that match the type of devices you have available.
No Interest
Less interest
Most Interested
Sphero mini
Create Your Own Robot with (Assembly Required)
We are considering a follow up event where students build a robot using craft, cardboard, and other found materials. Check all that apply.
What Month Should You Host A Robot
November December - You get to Name the Robot, and start off a storyline for the robot. We will distribute the Robot to their first HOST at VermontFest, so you should only sign up for this month if someone can pick it up at VermontFest.

You will be the first to receive the robot, so you may be the first one to set it up. This month is best for those with a little bit of confidence using technology in case some troubleshooting is necessary. We may ask you to answer questions from the next group about setup if they need help.


January, February, or March,
The robot has been traveling for a few months. It might be looking for some new adventures. Hopefully you have been following the adventures of your robot and are thinking up of ways to energize a robot that might be a bit weary.

April - By the time the robot reaches you, it will be getting close to the robot rodeo time. It will be your job to take the tricks the robot has learned since November and put together a routine to perform in next month's Robot Rodeo. You will be responsible for bringing the Robot to Dynamic Landscape Conference in Burlington in May so please only sign up for this month if you can be part of the actual Face to Face Rodeo at Dynamic Landscape (perhaps with some students) Of course you can add your own tricks to what the robot has already learned. You will need a certain level of confidence to be a great host this month, and perhaps be a bit of a showman.

Review the months, and add at least two possible months that would work for you.
Dates will be impacted by school vacations, but our aim is for you to receive the Robots during that month and have it for at least 3 weeks.

Which month most interest you to host a robot?
Review the months that still have slots before requesting a robot for a specific month.
No Interest
Less Interested
Most Interested
November / December
Row 2
How confident a host are you?
You don't need to know how to code a robot to host a robot, but we would like you to complete at least an hour of code, be willing to learn, do some research online, have a good imagination, be a team player and want to have fun! If you have not done an hour of code yet, you can complete it anytime prior to the arrival of your robot.
A Bit Nervous
Confident - Bring on the Robots
How many students will be able to help train the robot?
It does not have to be a lot, we're just curious.
Your answer
How often will the robot get training?
(how often will students be able to use their coding skills to try new things with the robot?
Robots Living Quarters
Where will the robot live while its visiting you? Classroom, library, Computer Lab, etc. Tell us a little bit about the space our robots is coming to.
Your answer
Prior Experience
Tell us about any prior experience you have had with coding or robots. The only pre-requisite is that you have done at least an hour of code. If you have not done this yet, you can do it ANYTIME before the Robot arrives. We'd love to know about any other experience you have had with code or robots. No prior experience necessary, except spending at least one hour of the Hour of Code website or similar experience sometime before the Robot arrives.
Your answer
Hour of Code
Will the students training the robots have completed at least an hour of code before the robot arrives.
Multimedia release
I accept the responsibility for obtaining any necessary media releases and making sure that all students photographed have permission to be photographd.
Contributions to the Project
We will ask you to help document the project in ways that you feel comfortable with. Which of the following are you willing to use to document your robots visit. . But basically we're looking to build a story with pictures, videos, and some text. Here are some possibilities. Which ones appeal to you.
Follow a Robot Before or After it Visits you
Are you willing to follow your robot's journey before or after its visit and leave comments on its travel journals. This should not be time consuming. Just a quick read and comment once a month would be great.
Are you willing to package and mail the robot off to its next home. Each school is responsible for their own postage to complete this step.
Teacher Reflection
Teachers: Are you willing to complete a teacher survey after your experience
Your answer
We need a few host SCHOOLS willing to pick up their robot in Killington at VermontFest and a few willing to bring the robots to Dynamic Landscape to showcase them at the Final Robot Rodeo in May at Champlain College during our Dynamic Landscape Conference. This is totally optional.
Comments or Questions
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School Vacations
What weeks do your Winter or Spring breaks fall on? This will help us assure the robots don't arrive during a vacation.
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Twitter Accounts
Can you share the twitter user names of your school or someone from your school who might be tweeting pictures of the robot when it receives your school. If your school has a Twitter Account, please include it, too!
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Did you participate last year?
If you participated last year, please take a minute to share a positive impact from hosting a robot.
(i.e. did your students do more coding this year? did you end up adding some robots to your school, ... any impact can help us get justify funding request to get more robots out there)
Your answer
How many robots does your school currently have?
Your answer
Which ones?
Your answer
Did Robot Rodeo contribute to your school purchasing one or more robot?
If so, can you briefly tell us about this..
Your answer
What App or Program have you used or do you plan to use to CODE the robots.
Your answer
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