Prototyping with LLMs | Fine-tune a LLM

We're thrilled to announce the third event of our series in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), focusing on building LLM-based applications on AWS. 🤖✨

This series consists of 4 events in total and is designed to enrich your understanding and development of LLM applications.

1. Build a RAG-based Chatbot
2. Implement Guardrails in Your Chatbot 
3. Usage of AI-Agents (22.05)
4. Fine-tune a LLM on AWS

🌟 4th Event: Fine-tune a LLM on AWS 🌟

In this workshop, we'll guide you through fine-tuning Large Language Models LLaMA2 or Falcon-7B using AWS SageMaker.

In our use case, we will utilize Hugging Face's PEFT and QLoRa,  to fine-tune a model for Natural-Language-to-SQL task, enhancing the model's performance for this special task.

However, Hugging Face's PEFT and QLoRa are much more versatile and can be applied to many different use cases.

🚨Important:🚨It is not necessary to have attended the previous workshops to participate in this session. We strongly encourage new attendees to join us and get involved!

This hands-on workshop will be guided by a young team of AWS Machine Learning and Software Engineers, helping you to build your fully-functional chatbot on AWS.

📅 Date: 28 May, 7pm


Important: As this is an Analytics Club members only event we kindly ask you to become a member here (~2min) to be eligible to join this unique and exclusive event.
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