Ethnos Summer Internship Application, 2018
Thank you for your interest in our internship program! This intensive experience is designed for you to holistically learn and experience intentional missional living through the local church in an urban context. This will involve a number of key components, including:

- Spiritual Growth: expect to have your heart and mind stretched into Jesus' likeness through a number of learning experiences (4-6 hrs/week)

- Relationship Development: expect to spend a lot of time and energy- both fun and difficult- developing relationships like Jesus did, for the sake of Jesus' mission of love and transformation. (4-6 hrs/week)

- Project and Event Execution: expect to get a chance to develop your own ministry project or event, in line with the local church mission focus. (4-6 hrs/week)

Internships are not paid; we encourage interns to find part-time work in the area. However, fundraising and also reduced/free housing can be arranged for. Interns should expect to have 12-20 hours of work per week; those receiving free or reduced housing will be expected to go 20 hours/week. See the application for specific dates!

Please fill out this initial application, and we will contact you for the next steps.
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Where do you see yourself 2-5 years from now?
The internship is an immersive experience with both structured and unstructured time. It will involve moments of intense relationships, and also moments of solitude. What excites you about this description? What worries you? *
Please list a name and email of a spiritual leader who leads you. We will contact them as a reference. *
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Thank you!
We will be in contact with you shortly about your internship experience!
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