Lungeing Training Survey
Hello horsy friend!
Thank you for participating in our survey. We are not leaving you unrewarded!
Every participant enters a *** RAFFLE FOR A PAIR OF SLIDING SIDE REINS ***

With your answers you bring this project to the next level: tell us what you are interested in to read and hear more about in the next eCourse sessions.

****All questions marked with a red * are mandatory.****
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Win a pair of sliding side reins!
1. Email address
You only have to enter your email if you want to participate in the RAFFLE and win a pair of sliding side reins.
2. Do you own a horse? *
3. What do you do to keep your  horse healthy and relaxed? *
Check all that apply
4. How do you cross-exercise your horse from dressage riding? *
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5. What are you thinking of when you hear "Lungeing a horse" *
Choose the primary one
6. Have you lunged a horse before? *
Lungeing is a stretching cross training for horses, like Pilates for humans. The horse is attached to a lunge line and runs on a circle. Different side reins are used.
7. What would you like to learn more about lungeing? *
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8. What side reins have you used before? *
9. What kind of courses / clinics about Lungeing would you be interested in participating? *
10. How many years of horse experience do you have? *
Which state in the USA are you from? *
11. How much do you spent on average for horse related lessons monthly? *
e.g. Horseback riding or horsemanship lessons, vaulting, training for the horse
12. How old are you?
14. What kind of discipline do you practice? *
15. Additional comments, wishes and feedback
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