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Thank you so much for your interest in joining Kristy Marie's BlogTeam!

Before you fill out this form, we want you to know what will be expected of you upon receiving a spot on the team and the requirements to be considered.

--> You will be expected to post materials for promotional events for each novel released, any sales, and occasional miscellaneous content (news, updates, sign ups, etc.).

On this sign up, you have an opportunity to opt to receive every ARC available (limited or otherwise) automatically without signing up again for each release OR to opt for promo only.

-->If you choose promo only, you may still sign up with a PR company to receive an ARC if you so choose. However, we will not be handling those ARCs, and you will receive them along with regular PR reviewers.

-->If you elect to receive ARCs automatically, you will receive your copy at the same time as the ARC team and be expected to post your review on Goodreads upon finishing (preferably by release) and on Amazon and BookBub within 3 days of release.

*You must have reviewed at least two of Kristy's books in order to select this option.*

- You will usually be given ARCs a couple of weeks ahead of release to allow enough time to review, but if you have special circumstances that interfere with your ability to review in the allotted time frame (sickness, etc.), it is your responsibility to let us know prior to release.

*We would appreciate it if you would tag Kristy and post on social media when you receive your ARC.*

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If you have any questions or comments regarding this sign up, please free to email Jessica at or DM her on Instagram @chatterbookbabe .
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