Orange Grove - Application Form 2020AUT Incubation Round
APPLICATIONS for startups to join our INCUBATION programme are now OPEN!

This is a nationwide call for ideas and we welcome applications from any Greek region as the programme will mainly require remote participation!

Do you have an innovative idea that you want to turn into a sustainable business?
Are you an early-stage startup ready to develop further?
Join the nationwide remote 6-month incubation programme of Orange Grove in Autumn 2020 and benefit from:

šŸ’” Tailor-made mentoring and one-on-one coaching
šŸ“ Participation in seminars, bootcamps and workshops by acclaimed local and international trainers
šŸ¤ Unique networking opportunities with the extended network of Orange Grove and the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Follow the instructions below and find your spot in the Orange Grove community!

* The application and any supporting documents need to be in English.

* Your contact details (email address, telephone, team names etc), and your needs in participating at Orange Grove will also be asked at the beginning and end of this questionnaire. Please make sure you provide us with the primary email address you want Orange Grove to use when communicating with you. If you wish all team members to receive our email notifications, please add their email addresses in the "Additional Members" field.

* At the end of this questionnaire you will have the opportunity to upload your (and your team members', if applicable) CV and your project idea's Business Model Canvas. This is OPTIONAL but we advise you to provide these documents, as they will offer us a better overview of your project (and will be a great exercise for you too!). To download the Canvas go to: The business model canvas serves as a full map of your business. Find out more on how to complete it here:

* Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email as well as a link allowing you to edit your answers as many times as you want.

* The earlier you submit your application, even in draft form, the better, as this will allow us to help you with possible questions you may have.

*The DEADLINE will be at the end of summer or early September, depending on developments surrounding the COVID-19 situation. Once decided, we will announce the exact date on our social media.

Before you begin, we suggest you first prepare the following questions offline which you will be asked to fill in on this questionnaire:

- Business idea: Shortly describe your business idea. (Under 250 characters)

- Profile: Information about yourself (background, skills and/or professional experience) and your role in your business idea / team / company. If you are a team, please answer for each member.

- Product / Service : What is the final product or service you will deliver? At what stage is your product / service (concept-idea / research / pilot version / market)? Does it make use of any technology? What specific need / gap in the market / problem does or will it address?

- Innovation and/or Competitive advantage: What is innovative about your product / service? E.g. Our innovation lies in our business model and our method of production. What is your greatest competitive advantage that will make your business sustainable in the long term versus your competition? Do you know your competition and how you differ?

- Market: Which is your target market? How big is it? What needs does your product / service satisfy? E.g. 'We address the tourism and activities market, which has a total size of 150 billion euros globally and we satisfy the need for guided tours in outdoor spaces.'

This questionnaire is confidential. Please note that it will be shared with members of the Orange Grove team and our selection committee.

For info and questions contact us at:
T: +30 210 7297417

ššŽš“šˆš‚š„: š“š”š¢š¬ š¢š¬ šš š§ššš­š¢šØš§š°š¢ššž šœššš„š„ šŸšØš« š¢ššžššš¬ ššš§š š°šž š°šžš„šœšØš¦šž ššš©š©š„š¢šœššš­š¢šØš§š¬ šŸš«šØš¦ ššš§š² š†š«šžšžš¤ š«šžš š¢šØš§ ššš¬ š­š”šž š©š«šØš š«ššš¦š¦šž š°š¢š„š„ š¦ššš¢š§š„š² š«šžšŖš®š¢š«šž š«šžš¦šØš­šž š©ššš«š­š¢šœš¢š©ššš­š¢šØš§. š’šØ ššØš§'š­ š”šžš¬š¢š­ššš­šž š­šØ ššš©š©š„š², š«šžš ššš«šš„šžš¬š¬ š²šØš®š« š©š„šššœšž šØšŸ š«šžš¬š¢ššžš§šœšž! šš”š²š¬š¢šœššš„ š©š«šžš¬šžš§šœšž š¢š§ šØš®š« šØšŸšŸš¢šœšžš¬ š¢š§ š€š­š”šžš§š¬ šØš« šššš­š«ššš¬ š¦ššš² š›šž ššš¬š¤šžš šØš§ šØšœšœššš¬š¢šØš§ (šž.š . š›šØšØš­šœššš¦š©š¬, š¬š©šžšœš¢ššš„ š š®šžš¬š­ š¬š©šžššš¤šžš«š¬ šØš« šžšÆšžš§š­š¬), ššžš©šžš§šš¢š§š  šØš§ ššžšÆšžš„šØš©š¦šžš§š­š¬ š¬š®š«š«šØš®š§šš¢š§š  š­š”šž š‚šŽš•šˆšƒ-šŸšŸ— š¬š¢š­š®ššš­š¢šØš§.
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