Reduced Membership Scholarship Application

Please review the rules and guidelines of the scholarship application thoroughly prior to completing the application. Submitting this application means you have read and agreed to the terms.
1. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Scholarships are awarded based on the sole opinion and descretion of Lucent Movement Arts application review committee. This commitee is comprised of Lucent Movement Arts staff and other outside individuals selected by Lucent Movement Arts owner. This is a private program. There are many factors which may affect selection and not everyone who applies will receive a scholarship. Please respect our decision and note that scholarship award decisions are not open for negotiation.
3. Individual(s) awarded a scholarship are expected to:
Demonstrate dedication by maintaining consistent attendance and punctuality to class.
Fulfill any remaining registration costs and/or fees by the set due date.
Comply with Revolver Studios community values and demonstrate respectful behavior.
4. We believe in transparency. 
We are a small, queer-owned business trying to find as many ways as possible to provide access, while also being able to provide liveable wages to our staff and keep our lights on. Many of the financial opportunities we provide come directly out of our pocket. That being said, we ask for honesty and that folks only request financial assistance if they truly need it.
5. This scholarship is for a reduced rate on one of the following monthly memberships: 8 Class month-to-month or Unlimited month-to-month agreement. ***You must review the details or the membership agreement below before applying.***


Membership Agreement Details.
- All month-to-month memberships start on the 1st of the month.
- If you choose to start your membership anytime before or after the 1st of the month, you will be able to pay a pro-rated amount to begin your membership
- All memberships are set to auto-renew and are set on auto-pay to run on the 1st of every month. You membership will automatically renew and your card on file will be charged the monthly amount you received from the scholarship (example: if you are awarded a $50 per month scholarship, your card will be charged $50 on the first of every month until you cancel).
- If you do not want your membership to auto-renew, you must complete a cancellation form within 14 days of the membership renewal date of the 1st of the month (example: your membership renews June 1st, you would need to complete cancellation by May 18.) You can cancel and complete the form in person or via email. We do not send out reminders, it is the student's responsibility to cancel within the 14 day policy. Email or call 320-251-4844 to cancel your membership.
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What amount can you afford for a membership each month? *
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