Want to Read for CraftLit?
If you're interested in being a reader for CraftLit, please let us know a little bit about you and what you like. And thank you so much for throwing your hat into this crazy ring!
All About You
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Do you have an audio file to share? Like a demo recording? Put a link in the space below
This will give us a chance to help you troubleshoot on the off chance that there are audio woes. In the last five years the expectation of quality audio for free podcasts has gone up geometrically. It didn't used to be an issue. Now it is. If you don't have a demo recording now, that's fine. You can always come back and just type in your name, add your link, your best contact mode, and save this form. We'll already have your other information.
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email, text, phone, Skype, Hangout—please tell us your preferred method and any addresses or numbers we would need to contact you.
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Any Experience
This is by NO means a requirement! Many of our best readers started here, so don't fret.
Do you have any vocal/acting/reading training?
(absolutely not required, just wondering)
Any Specialized Recording Equipment
This isn't a requirement but depending on your setup, you may need to move some blankets around.
Do you have software/equipment for recording? List anything you have below:
There is No Reason to go out and buy stuff! We're just wondering as there are various projects on deck, only a few of which require specialized knowledge or equipment. No worries.
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Reading Preferences
Any particular genres/books you're dying to read?
Sock it to me!
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Would you be willing to work on a multi-reader production—like a play?
If we hold a How To Record Audiobooks online session, what days or times are best for you?
(in general - nothing's in stone yet)
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Anything else you want to let us know? Feel free to add it below.
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