Donation for Outcast Europe - Donate your memories!
Thank you very much for your interest in our event.

We would like to get familiar with and present the migration experiences of Hungary through personal memories and stories to bring it closer to individuals.

To achieve this, we are looking for people who would like to share their own or their families' migration experiences and offer personal narratives or memories related that we could display as part of the exhibition. We welcome any object, be it just a pen, a shoe or a postcard. Anything that tells a story and helps to understand the human fates connected to the experience of migration.

The objects given to us will be returned at the end of the exhibition in the same condition.

The exhibition aims to portray the migration experiences of Hungary through three different main narratives:

1) Hungarian refugees of 1956
2) Migration to and from Hungary, including the recent migration crisis
3) Hungarians in the Member States of the European Union

The International Organization for Migration organizes the exhibition to present the migration experiences of Hungary in the framework of international cooperation funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme.

The main objective of the program is to improve the conditions for intercultural dialogue and public participation, to promote better understanding between cultures and to reduce migration-related stereotypes by introducing past and present migration experiences.

The exhibition will be held from 2nd to 12th May 2018 in the Pintér Gallery (1055 Budapest, Markó u. 3).

With this call, we would like to collect information about personal items that we could use on the exhibition. If you would like to share your own, your family's or your friend's story with others and thus contribute to our exhibition on Hungary and migration, please fill out the following short questionnaire and we will contact you shortly.


If you have any questions, please call us at 061 472 2500 or write to

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