Alberta Junior Honour Band Recommendation Form
There are two Alberta Junior Honour Bands — north and south. Held in conjunction with respective teachers’ conventions in Edmonton and Calgary, the Junior Honour Bands provide an advanced performance experience for those students who demonstrate excellence in leadership, musicality and engagement in their home band programs. Leading music educators in the province guide the students through three days of fun and intensive rehearsals. The experience culminates in a concert performance that the students have prepared in rehearsal.

Admission to the Junior Honour Bands is made by music teacher/conductor recommendation. Selection of candidates at the deadline date is dependent on appropriate instrumentation, the director’s evaluation and comments, and the instrumentalist's questionnaire. Assigned scores and rankings provided by the teacher will be considered along with any additional information the teacher can provide regarding the student, their abilities, and their desire to participate. Where there is an abundance of a particular instrument with several capable players, a “lottery” may be necessary. Where there is a lack of players, it may be necessary to call upon school programs and solicit players to fill sections. Wherever possible, regional representation will also be considered.

With the procedures listed above, we endeavor to select students in the most fair and unbiased way possible to ensure a good rehearsal experience and the best possible instrumentation.

The deadline to submit recommendations is November 23, 2018.

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