Thank you for reporting a salmon sighting!
I am a faculty member at the UW Bothell campus. I am interested in getting information about salmon spawning in North Lake Washington and Sammamish river tributaries. I am especially interested in monitoring kokanee salmon, but I am eager to get information on other species as well. Thanks for your assistance! Best wishes, Dr. Jeffrey S. Jensen,
In what stream did you see the salmon?
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At approximately what location did you see the salmon?
Cross streets are useful reference points; GPS coordinates fine too.
What date and time did you see the salmon?
What kind of salmon did you see? Check all that apply.
You can find a field guide to salmon in spawning condition here
In total, about how many fish did you see?
Did you see spawning activity such as turning sideways and digging up gravel?
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Do you have other information to share?
We are interested in all things salmon, including recollections of past sightings, threats to habitat or fish, etc. If you have a picture that you are willing to share (even a fuzzy one!) please e-mail to
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