Solar Energy: The Higher Power
A Look at Emerging Models for Bringing Climate-Friendly Energy to Communities and Congregations

12 noon, March 12, 2014
Teleseminar Conference Call
Sponsored by Wisconsin Interfaith Power & Light

Michael Vickerman
Program and Policy Director
RENEW Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Presentation summary:

The cost of solar generating equipment has dropped to the point where it can now compete head-to-head with fossil fuel resources. However, barriers to installation remain. These can be physical (shading on your rooftop), legal (don’t own property), and economic (inability to capture tax credits due to nonprofit status). Fortunately, the market is not standing still. Between development models that engage outside investment dollars and initiatives that encourage participation in community projects, it is becoming easier to sponsor new solar projects close to home. This presentation will delve into some of the emerging development models empowering communities and groups to act on their beliefs and pursue climate-friendly energy sources.

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