Economics Questionnaire
This is the introductory questionnaire for this class. Please complete and submit.
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What is the main language spoken in your home? *
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If the main language spoken in your home is not English, who speaks and understands English in your home?
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When I phone your parents/guardians who would you like me to talk to? Why?
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Why did you choose to take economics?
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Which business courses have you taken:
The mark you are aiming to earn is this class is:
Are you hoping/expecting this course to be in your top 6?
How likely is it that you will come down with a case of senioritis before the course is over?
Not a chance
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AP or Enrichment? (You can change your mind later) *
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The likelihood of my dropping this course is: *
After learning how this course will run, I am:
If you have any specific concerns about the course, please tell me about them:
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All About You
I am comfortable working in groups
Not at All Comfortable
Very Comfortable
One a scale of 1 to 5, how competitive are you?
I hate competition in all forms
I must win at all times
For the following five skills, rank them from your best (1st) to your worst (5th)
1st skill
2nd skill
3rd skill
4th skill
5th skill
Leading a group
Being creative
Working with numbers
Solving problems
Presenting information
What do you like best about school?
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What do you like least about school?
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What are your plans for life after high school?
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What do you think the biggest challenge/problem facing the world is?
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Complete the following statements:
I am good at
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A good teacher is someone who
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