Volunteer Doctor Registration is a crowdfunding platform with a mission to save lives. We do this by funding treatments for people with life threatening condition that can be managed with just $1000 or less.

We source all our cases from pre-verified doctors working in hospitals across Nigeria. If you are a doctor, we would love to have you as a volunteer. Fill the form below.

By filling and submitting the form below, you agree to the following:
- you will be an ambassador of GoodGiving where you practice and GoodGiving reserves the right to refer patients to you.
- you will within your knowledge ensure that only life threatening conditions that can be managed with less than <$1000 are referred.
- you understand referring cases for personal profiting or referring fictitious cases are crimes and could lead to you losing your license and being prosecuted by a court of law.
- you allow GoodGiving to confirm your license to practice with the NMA at its own discretion.
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List 5 conditions that can potentially be resolved with less than N200,000. PLEASE SPECIFY AGE GROUP OF PATIENTS (e.g. Paeds, Elderly e.t.c) *
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How best do you think the funds for payment of these health care needs can practically and effectively be disbursed? *
In what hospital setting do you practice? PLEASE SELECT ALL THAT APPLY *
In what city and state do you practice?
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We would need you to confirm realism of cases at hospitals that are indicated by individuals that reach out to for help. Would you be willing to volunteer your time and effort for this cause? It will require you to communicate to us on Whatsapp or via our app.
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