Kendo seminar with sensei Markus Frey, 7.dan 15-17 November 2019
Kendo seminar in Luxembourg with Markus Frey, 7th dan

Friday 15th : door opening 19:45 - 21:15 : Ji Geiko
Salle Clausen 39 Montée de Clausen, 1343 Luxembourg

Saturday 16th : door opening 9:30 - until 17:00
Salle Muehlenbach 151 Rue de Mühlenbach, 2168 Luxembourg

Sunday 17th : door opening 9:30 - until 13:00
Salle Muehlenbach 151 Rue de Mühlenbach, 2168 Luxembourg

Lunch and dinner available on inscription (see below)

Cost: 20€ for the weekend
12€ for one day
Lunches and dinners not included

Inscription deadline : 05/11/2019

Beginners, advanced and Dan level with valid FLAM-passport, or comparable foreign passport

organizer: Shobukai Kendo Luxembourg ( , )

The organizer assumes no liability!
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Friday (ji geiko), Clausen
Saturday, Muhlenbach
Sunday, Muhlenbach
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Friday night (tbd)
Saturday lunch (youth hostel)
Saturday Dinner (pizzeria Porta Nova)
Salle de Clausen, 39, Montée de Clausen / Luxembourg-Clausen
Salle Muehlenbach, 151, rue de Muehlenbach / Luxembourg-Eich
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