Mandela Day Virtual Quiz Game
The Southern African Emergency Services Institute (SAESI) is hosting a Fun Fire Awareness and Safety Virtual Quiz Game as part of our celebration of 67 minutes on Nelson Mandela Day. This event will take place on Friday, 16 July 2021 from 09:00 am, on electronic platform and will support Burns Survivors through raising funds and receiving other non-financial donation items as well as exhibiting the spirit of comradery in the Firefighter community and increasing team engagement.
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What steps can be taken by fire personnel to prevent infection and spread of COVID-19? *
How can a crew isolate as a unit to better prevent themselves? *
In many situations, fire personnel travel from many different geographic locations and live and work closely in shared living spaces, such as bunkhouses, during the fire season. In these situations, how do you prevent infection and spread of COVID-19 for co-workers? *
Should fire management agencies screen personnel for signs and symptoms of COVID-19? *
Are first responders, like firefighters, being prioritised for those who will be tested for COVID-19? *
While traveling to fire assignments, what actions can firefighters take to prevent infection and protect the communities that they will be traveling through? *
What precautions should firefighting personnel take when they come off assignment and return back home to their families? *
What recommendations can you give to firefighting personnel who have been in close contact with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19? *
What precautions should be implemented for protecting firefighters and other personnel at fire camps? *
When should firefighting personnel use cloth masks? *
The available fire extinguisher can only be used for a duration of: *
When extinguishing a fire, you should maintain an away distance of: *
The firefighting water sprinklers covers a distance of: *
In case of fire we should rescue: *
When extinguishing a fire, you should: *
To operate a fire extinguisher, follow the: *
How to put the fire out: *
When a fire breaks out, evacuate first the: *
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