Observatory Water Census
The purpose of this census is to identify households that may need assistance if the City of Cape Town requires residents to collect water at a public distribution point - "Day Zero". We also want to help organise residents who are willing to help neighbours with such needs.

Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey. All personal information that you share will be kept confidential by the Water Census Committee, and will not be used for any other purpose than to identify and assist vulnerable individuals. We thank you for your time!

If you have any question about the census, please contact Tauriq, OCA Chairperson: 0647342569.

How many people live in your household, including you? *
Please exclude temporary residents, Airbnb guests, etc.
Children (below 13 years old)
Teenagers and adults (between 14 and 50 years old)
Senior (over 50 years old)
Do you think your household has the necessary means to collect water from a distribution point, if Day Zero restrictions are imposed? *
This would require transporting 25L (25kg) of water per person in the household, each day. It might also require standing in line for at least 30 minutes, and transporting the water for a kilometre or more.
Does your household have a car or other vehicle capable of transporting your household's daily water needs? *
Does your household have a trolley/hand-cart/pram or similar? *
You might need this to transport your water containers from the distribution point to your car or home.
Does your household have containers that can hold your Day Zero water allotment (25L per person)? *
Do you know of any elderly, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable people on your street that you are concerned may have trouble accessing water on Day Zero?
Are you or anyone in your household interested in being a volunteer to administer a water census in your street soon? *
This includes participating to a one-hour training and going door-to-door in your street, on a specific date (which will be communicated to all residents), for just a couple of hours, to collect information about your neighbours needs.
Are you or anyone in your household interested in being a Water Captain on your existing WhatsApp group or start a group where there is none for your street/local area? *
This might include forwarding important information from us to your neighbours, or pass on to us requests for assistance. In case you have to set up a new Whatsapp group we will assist you.
Would you or anyone in your household be willing to assist a vulnerable person on your street access water? *
This would primarily entail transporting an additional day ration of water, from the distribution point to your neighbour.
Please enter your street name *
Would you or anyone in your household be able and willing to assist others to make water saving improvements at their home? *
This would primarily entail helping installing a Jojo Tank, checking for leaks, fixing pipes,...
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