SpaceUp Stuttgart 2017 Registration
Be a partipant during the next SpaceUp Stuttgart 2017 unconference on 23. July 2017 and register now. We will reserve you a slot. The more detailed your answers are, the easier preparation is and the more enjoyable your experience will be.
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Your talk can be everything space related. Make it interesting, make it fun, make everyone discuss it.
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Please specify how much time you would need to present your topic. We cannot promise you will get the slot, because an unconference is based on a dynamic timetable with a "first come first talk" mechanism. But we will try that you will have an awesome time, because everyone will be able to present. Maybe, it will be just a bit shorter than you selected here.
Show and Tell: Make Room, I Bring Hardware!
Please let us know the type and size of hardware you are bringing. We will prepare some exhibition space for you.
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