Brand Rep for Zainey Laney POOL

Must reside in US. (Sorry, maybe when we get bigger we can have international!)

How does it work?
If you are selected as a reviewer, you will be accepted on a 2 month basis. I will accept new members around the 15th of even months as shown:
Accepted December 15th for January and February
Accepted February 15th for March and April
Accepted April 15th for May and June
Accepted June 15th for July and August
Accepted August 15th for September and October
Accepted October 15th for November and December.
***If spots open up we reserve the right to add new reviewers when needed.

You will receive your acceptance or rejection email around that time.
Reviewers are required to make at least one purchase a month in order to receive the items you are reviewing. Each reviewer will receive a 20% discount they can use on the site or through the monthly PR form to get not released products. Shipping will be based on weight and usually $4-7. Reviewers will also get a 10% code to share with community which will be used to track your traffic and sales.

While getting a purchase from someone else is not required, it will help us determine if we will keep you for the next cycle. Alternatively, if you are active in the FB Group, rep activies, and passionate about helping us market our product, you could be considered a Permanent rep and get your PR for Free (just paying shipping).

We will be using FACEBOOK MESSENGER to communicate and keep track of tasks. We also would like you to be a member of and engaged with posts in our Facebook Group.

Here are some ways you could be considered permanent with us:
1. Instagram post (Instagram stories, extra)
3. Promote in other Facebook groups or communities
4. Review products on our site
5. Help organize marketing tasks
6. Help with added things we ask in the rep messenger thread.

Many of our current reps have been with us for a long time because of the above and are some of our best customers as well. If you are interested in doing this just for the free stuff, this probably is not the gig for you. We fully believe in helping and supporting new reviewers and influencers, but there needs to be a mutual agreement that we are supporting each other.

Thank you for your interest! Please be sure to add our email to your non-spam list so you are aware of notifications. We will send you an interest email back which you will need to confirm before we send any product or affiliate codes.

Any questions, email us at or send a Facebook Message.

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Going forward we will be using new ways to communicate and coordinate with our reps. This will allow us to be more personal than the Facebook group or email. This will also help you get to know the month's PR reps to maybe talk about collabs and work together. Would you be willing to use Facebook Messenger to help with communication and information? *
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Why should we choose you - what makes you different about what you post, or more passionate about our product? We chose people who make an effort to be a part of our community and believe in our brand. What will you do to make sure you connect with us? *
How would you plan on reviewing the products? (OR what is your plan to post creatively and different than the regular pictures or unboxings?) *
Are there any scents you are sensitive to or don't like? (We make an effort to steer clear of scents, but if we happen to include one you don't like, please be honest, but do not be harsh. Different people like different things.) *
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I confirm that I have an interest in supporting the Zainey Laney brand on a trial of one month. If I do not fulfill my obligation to post and promote on social media, I understand that I will not be a rep moving forward.
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