Incoming Athens Orch Students
If you are planning on attending Athens or IA, please fill out this brief survey for Mr. Quinn. All of this information is confidential, only Mr. Quinn will see it.
What is your name? (First AND Last please!) *
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What is your Troy Schools ID number? *
This is so Mr. Quinn can enroll you in our program to download music, see our calendar, etc.
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Which middle school do you currently attend? *
Which High school will you be attending next year? *
Are you planning on continuing orchestra next year? *
If you answered "no" or "haven't decided" to continuing in orchestra, why? If you have not decided yet, tell me about some of your concerns. Your answer is completely private.
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What instrument do you play? *
If you took a trip with the Athens Orchestra to perform, where would you want to go?
(We have performed at New Orleans, Mackinac City, and Disney World, to name a few)
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Are you interested in going to fall camp? *
August 16, 17, 18, all the Athens Orchestra students go to camp together. We go to Camp Michindoh to play music, get to know each other, have bonfires, play on the water slide/blob, and plan our Orchtoberfest show. Mr. Quinn will tell you more about camp soon.
What is one piece you have played that you REALLY LOVED?
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What questions do you have for Mr. Quinn?
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