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By submitting your application for a user account with the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, you agree to all of the following terms;

1) I am using the AZCWR at my own risk and acknowledge that doing so may be hazardous to my computer, network, and peripherals.
2) I will not perform any form of denial of service attack against the range or its machines.
3) I will not place any form of malware, virus, or other software which may be harmful to other user's systems or privacy.
4) I will place myself into a range that is appropriate to my skill level.
5) I am 18 years or older OR I have obtained permission from my parent or guardian.
6) I grant the Arizona Cyber Warfare Range, its operators, facilitators, sponsors, and volunteers a full immunity from any form of liability, loss, or damage that may result from my use of the ranges and their supporting systems.

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