Student Survey - 2018-19 (Title I Needs Assessment)
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What grade are you in? *
I like coming to school. *
I feel safe at school. *
I know how I am supposed to behave at school. (BEST Behavior Expectations) *
My school recognizes and rewards student success. *
My school recognizes and rewards good student behavior. *
School rules and expectations are fair at my school. *
My teacher talks to me about what we are learning and why? *
I learn something new at school every day. *
I know who to go to for help when I don't understand something. *
I use technology in my classroom most days (Smartboard, Chromebooks, mobile lab, computer lab) *
My teacher uses learning websites and videos, and learning games in the classroom most days (Discovery Education, Scholastic News, iReady, Prodigy, etc.). *
I use a calculator, games, or other tools (e.g. snap cubes, Base 10 blocks, counters, etc.) in addition to paper and pencil in math. *
I read in my classroom everyday. *
I work with the teacher in a small group at least once a week during reading. *
I work with the teacher in a small group at least once a week during math. *
I feel successful as a learner. *
I feel comfortable asking questions when I don't understand. *
I can talk to principals, teachers, and counselors if needed. *
I feel like my teacher cares about me and wants me to do my best. *
My teacher is willing to help me when I have questions or don't understand. *
What can make our school better?
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Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience at school?
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