W3F Community Grant Application Form
This form is for community grant applications. This is where you should apply for funding if you would like to host a Polkadot / Substrate related event.

Full details of the application the process are listed at https://grants.web3.foundation

In this form you will provide a description of your plan, tell us about your team, and provide an overview of the project. If you are planning a series of events, it would be great to get an indication of dates and themes.

While it is possible to make a private application, we will give preference to public applications that are made via a pull request in GitHub. The pull request URL will be included within this application form. For public applications where financial information is kept private, the details should be included in this form.

Answer the questions in the appropriate way and this form will guide you through each step.
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First and last name
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What is the your project type? *
e.g. meetups / hackathons
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e.g. Berlin, Germany.
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Please describe what your project is about *
(e.g. "we are planning a series of Polkadot related events in Melbourne")
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Are you keen to make most of your application public? *
If 'no', select 'other' and add a brief description as to why. Select 'yes' if you have a public pull request. There is an option to keep financial information private (there is another page in this form for that info).
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